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Instructional Formats

The Redevelopment Institute offers courses in customizable options to better serve your needs and the needs of your organization. Choose a format that best suits your goal, project, industry, and budget.

Live Courses

monitorsScheduled 2-hour live webinar courses review specific tools and case studies significant to redevelopment. Course registrants are sent a package with the webinar link, course subject workbook and worksheets, a bibliography of presentation sources, and a list of further readings. The Q&A is a prioritized section of the presentation to allow for ample instructor-student interaction.


On-Demand Courses

monitorsVideo tutorials and course material are available to view at any time. Ideal for users interested in convenient and accessible continuing education credits. Access your courses anywhere with an internet connection and learn at your own pace.


Targeted Assistance

groupPerfect for development workshops and training, our live webinars offer our course content with the added advantage of having a tutor available in real time to answer questions.  Individuals and organizations can schedule a live webinar for a more interactive and in-depth experience.